Power Vote: Tools, logos and resources

On this page you'll find toolkits, sample materials, logos and additional resources.

Download the Power Vote Toolkit

  This toolkit is your complete guide to the Power Vote campaign.

  In the tookit you'll find tips and sample materials for:

  1. Building your team and campaign: outreach, recruitment
  2. Follow-up & leadership development
  3. Event planning
  4. Media & getting the word out
  5. Engaging with public officials

Get Out the Vote (GOTV) materials

Get Out The (Power) Vote Toolkit
Get Out The (Power) Vote Sample Plan 
GOTV Guides from the Fair Elections Legal Network

Sample materials

Power Vote Pledge Sheet
Power Vote Databasing Template

Logos & images

Find out how much dirty energy money elected officials in your area have taken:



Learn more about elections in your area:



Register to Vote!

EAC Partner Field Staff supporting the Power Vote campaign:

Brandon Knight, Midwest Freedom from Oil Campus Organizer, Global Exchange (GX)

Carly Queen, Southeast Campus Field Coordinator, National Wildlife Federation (NWF)

Dan Cannon, Florida Organizer, Southern Energy Network (SEN)

Diana Lopez, Environmental Justice Organizer, Southwest Workers Union (SWU)

Jayme Montgomery, Campaign Against Violence Wisconsin Director, League of Young Voters (LYV)

Jenna Garland, Georgia Organizer, Southern Energy Network (SEN)

Juliana Goodlaw-Morris, Midwest Campus Field Coordinator, National Wildlife Federation (NWF)

Katherine McEachern, Virginia Campus Organizer, Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN)

Kandi Mossett, Tribal Campus Climate Challenge Organizer, Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)

Kari Fulton, Youth Climate Justice Coordinator, Environmental Justice and Climate Change (EJCC)

Leslie Morrison, Maryland Campus Organizer, Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN)

Pam Tuttle, Organizing Director, California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC)

Praween Dayananda, Southwest Campus Field Coordinator, National Wildlife Federation (NWF)

Scott Meloeny, Midwest Organizer, Global Exchange

More organizing tools and resources:

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