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[Update: New Dates] Big News: Power Shift 2011 set for April 15-18!

UPDATE: New dates! New venue! Power Shift 2011 will take place April 15-18th at the Washington Convention Center. Check out the new Power Shift site to register or get more info.

We've got big news! The dates are set, the venue is settled. Power Shift 2011 is April 1-4 at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC.

Power Shift 2011 is our opportunity to come together and define the way forward for our movement. Together we'll celebrate our grassroots success stories, hear from movement leaders, and learn from and train each other to launch new campaigns. We'll take bold action to set the tone in Washington and show them what true leadership looks like. If it's anything like years past, Power Shift 2011 is bound to be historic [1].

Now more than ever, we need Power Shift 2011. Big Oil and dirty energy corporations continue to pollute our politics and devastate the health of our communities, but with grassroots people power we're fighting back.

To meet today's challenges we know we'll need a diversity of tactics and approaches, and we'll bring them all together at Power Shift 2011. We'll stand up to Big Oil by bringing together innovative solutions from across the country and work with each other on community-led initiatives to create the clean and just energy economy we're demanding. It's time for our elected officials in Washington, DC to hear our demands and follow our lead.

Power Shift 2011 is being built from the ground up, literally. We'll create our own conference space outside RFK Stadium using massive tents and our creativity. With the help of a Steering Committee, Working Groups, fellows, our partners, and you, we'll have all of the top leaders of the movement involved.

Be a Power Shift Coordinator to bring your communities voice and participation to this historic convergence.

Power Shift Coordinators will help make this all possible by recruiting people to the movement, and supporting them in their fundraising and travel arrangements to Washington, DC. Thousands of coordinators across the country will ensure this convergence displays the breadth and diversity of our movement.

Sign up today -- Help us hit our goal of 300 Power Shift Coordinators by the end of the year.

Let's finish 2010 strong and launch boldly into 2011. I can't wait to see you in April!

[1] Power Shift 2007 & 2009 were the largest convergences of young environmental and social justice activists in U.S. history:
- 6,000 people stormed Capitol Hill for the largest lobby day in history
- Thousands shut down the Capitol coal plant in the Capitol Climate Action, the largest direct action against dirty energy in the U.S. history
- Featured keynote addresses from: EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Van Jones, Bill McKibben of 350, Judy Bonds of Coal River Mountain Watch, Evon Peter of Native Movement, and many, many more.

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