Everyday, young people around the country are taking action for climate justice. But what does it take for us to stand up for our future in New York?

Since April 2011, hundreds of young New Yorkers have taken action against Big Oil and Gas. In August, over 50 New York youth joined the historic Tar Sands Action sit-in in Washington D.C. In November, hundreds traveled to D.C. to hold President Obama to his campaign promise- "to end the tyranny of oil"- and we blocked the Keystone XL pipeline. When the fight turned to fracking in the Delaware River Basin, we teamed up with Josh Fox, Food & Water Watch, 350.org and frontline activists from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware to protect 15 million people's water and score a huge win in the movement to ban fracking. Since Power Shift 2011, we've been winning.

Last April, over 900 New York youth joined 10,000 young people from every corner of the U.S. for Power Shift 2011 in Washington D.C. At the capitol, we told President Obama that our generation isn't waiting around for our future to be handed to us, and we went to Capitol Hill- and the Department of the Interior- to show what democracy looks like. When we left D.C. we had strategized, organized and come together into the Green Umbrella, the NY youth climate justice network that's led the unprecedented surge of youth climate action in NY State. Now, we're taking that movement back to the fight for our future in New York.

This April 27th-29th, Power Shift NY will bring together over 200 young people from all corners of New York State to unite in Albany for a weekend-long convergence that will awaken and empower our generation to take bold action for a just and sustainable future. As climate change intensifies, New York State officials are making plans to allow dangerous hydraulic fracturing across a wide area of our state, putting the water, health and the climate of millions of New Yorkers at risk, all for for the dirty profits of Big Oil and Big Gas.

Today, we’re making a massive online push to launch Power Shift New York on Facebook. And this weekend we’re gearing up for our HUGE Launch Call on Sunday (3/18) at 7pm. Like youth driven action in the past, we need your help to get the word out.

Will you help us spread the word on Facebook?

Will you join the PSNY Launch Call on Tuesday (3/20) at 7pm?

As young people, our stake in this fight is out future. But by 2016, our generation will be the largest voting block by age in U.S. history–bigger than the baby boomers. We’re, organized, we’re voting and we’re taking action for justice and sustainability.

Power Shift NY will give us the opportunity to harness our collective power and build a green economy from the grassroots up.

This spring will mark a turning point as young people of all backgrounds unite to restore democracy and demand a 100% clean energy economy that works for everyone. Across New York, we’ll build grassroots campaigns to protect New York from hydrofracking and hold our elected leaders accountable. With powerful training, we will mobilize youth in New York State to become leaders in the climate justice movement and change agents on our campuses and in our communities

At Power Shift New York, we’re offering some of the most innovative training in the climate movement and hearing from some of the strongest leaders in the fight for a just and sustainable future. And most importantly, we’re taking bold action to tell Governor Cuomo that young people will not accept hydraulic fracturing in the future of our state.

The Green Umbrella has been working with young people at campuses and in communities across New York since April 2011. This spring, we’ll look back at everything we’ve accomplished–from hosting an actions training for fracking affected communities in NY, to a organizing young people in NY on an unprecedented scale, to building lasting and strong relationships with folks at Energy Action Coalition, 350.org, Peaceful Uprising and grassroots organizers across the country. Power Shift New York is our opportunity to continue to build our relationships with these groups–and with each other–as we roll out the movement to build the green economy–and stand up for a ban on fracking. Will you help build the movement?

Yes, I’ll Join the Facebook event to help to spread the word

I’ll help us mobilize New York on the PSNY Launch Call, Tuesday 7pm 3/20.

Do you want to shape Power Shift NY? If so, please contact [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you. Registration will be going live soon. Stay tuned for updates!

With Joy and Resolve,
The Green Umbrella Team