New York youth are coming together- join us and take action for a livable future!

Power Shift NY will mark a
turning point as young people of all backgrounds unite to take a stand and demand a green economy. Across New York, we’ll build grassroots campaigns for clean energy. With powerful training and a bold vision, we will take game-changing action to create a livable future for all New Yorkers.

October 21-23

Albany, NY

Community Highlights

This past week Governor Cuomo heard loud and clear that if he wants to be a leader to the youth vote, he needs to ban facking and lead towards a clean energy economy. That message was in headlines and newsclips across the state following Power Shift New York's March for a Green Economy.

On the Monday following Power Shift New York, the Green Umbrella organized a march and rally to call on Governor Cuomo to ban fracking and lead ambiitiously towards a green economy. We held a mock wedding between Big Oil & Gas (the groom) and Government (the bride) to speak to the need to break up the unholy matrimony between the fossil fuel industry and dirty politicians.

We marched to the Capitol to deliver Governor Cuomo a letter from a national alliance of 18 youth vote and environmental organizations that clearly states that young people are rising to the occasion to ban fracking, and that if Governor Cuomo wants to be a leader to the youth vote, he should join us and ban fracking. With speculation that Governor Cuomo has national aspiration in 2016, and youth vote leaders on CBS, NBC, Fox, NPR, the Associated Press and more, we're pretty sure our message is getting across.

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Power Shift NY delivers fracking demands to Governor Cuomo

This afternoon, hundreds of youth leaders took to the streets in Albany to issue a critical demand to Governor Cuomo: ban fracking and lead ambitiously towards a clean energy economy.

As we marched, our chants boomed throughout the capitol building: “We are unstoppable, another world is possible!”

We delivered a letter to Governor Cuomo, signed by 18 national and local youth-led environmental organizations, and presented him with a petition from thousands of young people to declare that youth voters are rising up to ban fracking, and call on on the Governor to rise to the moment.

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Today, the Green Umbrella: New York Youth for a Just and Sustainable Future and Power Shift New York delivered this letter to Governor Cuomo with the support of dozens of youth vote and environmental organizations to demonstrate that the youth vote in New York and across the country demand Governor Cuomo ban fracking now, and ambitiously lead towards a clean energy economy. Sign on in support here.

Governor Cuomo,

New York is at a turning point. Do we continue to allow Big Oil and Big Gas to threaten our water, the climate and our economy? Or do we break ties with the dirty polluters and lead the nation towards a clean energy economy? 

For young people across New York the choice is clear, and we are rising to the occasion to ensure that we ban fracking, and move to a green economy. With the support of thousands of young leaders across the country we’re calling on you to use your political leadership and join us.

We are organized, committed, and leading efforts that will end dangerous hydrofracking along with other fossil fuels that disrupt our backyards and the climate. And we’re working to bring forth a 100% clean, green economy that will open up opportunity and prosperity for all. We’re working with our middle schools, high schools and college campuses to lead the way. And we’re standing shoulder to shoulder with communities on the frontlines of this fracking fight to ensure justice. We will demonstrate now, through the spring, summer, fall, winter, and beyond until we have moved beyond fossil fuels in New York. And we will use the power of our thriving grassroots communities to make it happen.

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Power Shift New York kicked-off last night, and it was incredible! Co-hosted by Occupy Albany, we had incredible speakers and activists set the stage for the weekend, including Josh Fox of Gasland, Bill McKibben of, Wenonah Hauter of Food & Water Watch, and Josh Kahn Russell of the Tar Sands Action and more!

We have our work cut out for us, but we also have incredible energy here. As Josh Fox said there's "100,000 gas wells proposed for New York," and Bill McKibben said "this Power Shift is one of the most important because we have to save the Adirondacks and so much more." Check out the Storify story below to see all the highlights through tweets, photos and more. Sneak peak: Bill McKibben playing beach volleyball, and this great article in the Albany Time Union!

If you're reading from afar, sign our petition to Governor Cuomo to say NO fracking, YES green economy, we're delivering it through our action on Monday!

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Bill McKibben & Josh Fox will be at Power Shift New York! Register by Sunday!

In just 7 days, hundreds of young people from every corner of New York will converge in Albany for Power Shift NY. And have you heard the news? Bill McKibben’s going to be there too.

Regular registration for PSNY ends Sunday at midnight! Register now for just $20 before the price goes up!


  • Bill McKibben, Co-Founder of and leader of the campaign against Keystone XL.

  • Josh Fox, Director of Gasland

  • Sandra Steingraber, Biologist, author and winner of this year’s Heinz Award for her work to ban fracking in NY.

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Solidarity, solutions, and springtime.

This past year, the youth movement has erupted with creativity and power. I’ve had the honor of riding this wave, from marches to sit-ins to banner drops and more. With Google Hangout and Twitter, how could we not spread the love of what I’ve been calling #operationsupport? Now, when I leave the cold, hard confines of the American judicial system, I don’t just get passive-aggressive emails from my Grandpa but dozens of thank you texts, Facebook tags and blog posts all in the name of solidarity.

Right now I’m fortunate enough to be actions coordinator for both the Greenpeace Student Network and the Green Umbrella, so solidarity and creativity is my gig. I get to support fellow activists across the country and throughout New York State as we collectively take on the fossil fuel industry.

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We’ve got an exciting announcement: in less than four weeks, hundreds of young people are converging in Albany for Power Shift New York!

Early registration for Power Shift NY ends Sunday. Register now for just $15.

Organized by the Green Umbrella, a network of young people in New York, this couldn’t be happening at a more important time. Momentum is building in the fight for clean energy, but the looming decision on fracking in New York threatens our progress. This spring we will come together and demonstrate loud and clear to Governor Cuomo that youth voters demand a ban on fracking.

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Nobody Likes a Meanie

Just two weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the voting down of Senator Hoeven’s amendment to the Transportation Bill, an amendment that would have overridden President Obama’s initial rule of denying the ENTIRE Keystone XL Pipeline. Last Thursday Obama stood in front of a bigillion pieces of pipe in Cushing OK pushing for quicker processes of the southern extension. But I’m not even going to touch on that. We have bigger fish to fry… or tofu if that’s more your style. We have a bully on our hands.

Last week something else happened. One of our own (one of my favorites), Sen Kirsten Gillibrand, a constant environmental advocate in the Senate, was verbally attacked by Representative Bob Turner. Turner came out and said that Gillibrand was “out of touch with mainstream America” because of her recent vote on the Transportation Bill. He also challenged her to flip her stance and follow his poor direction. Let’s show how out of touch with mainstream America Sen. Gillibrand is.

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